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Thursday, June 3, 2010

tHe RULES of ♥


kisS oN tHe Lips
>> i LURVE U

kiss on thE eAr
>> yOu arE sPeciaL


kiSs oN tHe nOse
>> LauGhtEr

kiSs on thE cHeek
>> fRiEndshiP


kiSs oN tHe forEheAd
>> i cOmfOrt u

kiSs on thE nEck
>> i wAnt u


kiss oN thE sHouLder
>> yOu arE wOndErfuL

kiSS anYwhEre eLse
>> bE cArefuL


pLay arOunD wiTh

>> cAnt LiVe witHouT u

hoLdings hAnds
>> hAppinEss


hUg >> i cAre

aRms arOund wAist
>> u aRe miNe ! i nEed u


hibBLe on eAr
>> stArt wArminG up

smiLinG at aNothEr
>> i LikE u


liFtiNg uP eYebrOws / wiNk
>> fLirtaTion

LookiNg arOund
>> hiDing tRue feELings


tEndEr kiss oN thE siDe of yoUr Lips
>> u arE minE

wEtTinG yoUr Lips
>> wAiTing fOr a kiss


tEars dRops
>> im LosiNg u

cRYiNg >> i Lost u

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