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Friday, March 18, 2011

Justin Bieber is now a girl !

justin bieber , the world most popular singer is turn to be  a GIRL. 

he *she* said being a girl is a wonderful feeling he had ever felt. 

he hopes that his fans will support him to start the new life. 

i ask him how about selena gomez ? 

Justin Bieber answered that selena gomez accept his decision and will never leave him.

he told me about all this yesterday. 

was sleeping when he suddenly showed himself in my dreams.

yeah , trust me.



dott said...

OMG ! seriuske ?
-is following you-

Nurainaa Sofia Nurazizul said...

haha. betul lar. sebab die yang cakap dengan saye. hehe

::sarah:: said...


Nurainaa Sofia Nurazizul said...


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