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Sunday, December 5, 2010

10 World Most Delicious Cuisine

We start with the 10th place.

Lebanese Cuisine

Foods from mediteranian are mostly riches with vegetables , meat and sauce. 


Greek Cuisine

This cuisine focus on olive oil , vegetables and specific herbs from mediteranian.


Spanish Cuisine.

A lot of oil ussually used in Spanish cuisine compare to middle and west europe. One of spanish popular 
drinks is Sangria , made from fruits and wine. 


Japanese Cuisine.

Japanese cuisine are very popular with their taste and quality. It is also became the world trend.
Today, Japanese cuisine is still heavily influenced by the four seasons and geography. Seafood and vegetables are most commonly eaten. Whilst to some westerners, the food may seem almost bland, freshness, presentation and balance of flavours is of paramount importance.


Mexican Cuisine.

Popular with their variation taste.
There are also exotic foods in mexico such as iguana , insects , snake and deer.


Thai Cuisine.

Rice is the main component in the cuisine. Thai cuisine is the combination of hot , sour , bitter and sweets. 


Indian Cuisine.

 There are three categories in their cuisine ; south , east and west. 
Indian cuisine mostly taste hot. India’s unique blend of cuisines evolved through large-scale cultural interactions with neighboring Persia, ancient Greece, Mongols and West Asia.


Chinese Cuisine.

Chinese cuisine are easy to cook , cheap and tasty. 


Italian Cuisine.

Italian cuisine is one of the world most oldest foods. 
You may find more than 400 tyes of cheese in the country.


French Cuisine.

In Paris , more than 5000 place you may go to find their foods with the affordable price. 
French cuisine was more fully developed in the late nineteenth century by Georges Auguste Escoffier and became what is now referred to as haute cuisine. Escoffier's major treatise on French cooking (Le Guide Culinaire), however, left out much of the regional character found in the provinces of France. The move to an appreciation of provincial French food began with the Michelin Guide (Le Guide Michelin) and the trend to gastro-tourism during the twentieth century.

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