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Monday, February 7, 2011

Amazing Micoorganisms Pictures

Micoorganisms are very small and complex. We can only see them through the microscope. Pictures below will tells us how they looks like.

*i want some blood!*

*lend me a spectacles pleasee*

*my mouth is full with foods! yeahh*

*i am snoopy cousin*

*call me professor..whatever name u wanna call! haha*

*sorry mom! i was lying to u*

*i am listening to music! dont disturb me*

*mr microcrab*

*i am old. help me*

*my speech today is about.. freedom. yeah, freedom*

*i am spying someone. syhh*

*what are u looking at? pfftttt*

The study of microorganisms is called as microbiology. Anton van Leeuwenhoek was one of the first people to observe microorganisms by using a microscope of his own design and made one of the most important contributions to biology.


nuriz said...

uniknya mcm alien hehe..omputih amik idea dr muka tu apa

Nurainaa Sofia Nurazizul said...

aar ey..agaknya lar kowt.. haha

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