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Saturday, December 4, 2010

How To Apply For A New Job

Name : Aeman.
Age : Still young.
Sex : Never. still under age.
Religion : I only have experience praying my cat which dead 2 years before.
Race : I love to race. how do u know?
Nationality : I dont like National. I prefer Sony.
IC No : 6735.
Tel No : My house.
Hp No : Nokia 3310.
Address : Jelutong , Penang.
City : Honda city?
Poscode : I never post anything.
Country : I love travel to London.
Status : Secret.
Email Address : Hotmail.
Education background : My teacher said , not bad.
Working experince : Last time I got to sell pirate VCD.
Fatrher's name : Daddy.
Father's Ic : U ask him.
Mother's name : Mummy.
Mother's Ic : U ask her.
Expected salary : As much as u can.
When can start work : Depends on my mood.
Highest Qualification : Very high.
Grade : Also very high.
College / University : College.
Signature : May I use stamp?

got it? great. 


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